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Hot Chocolate Goodness

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The so-called “energy-booster” that will get you up in the morning, a concoction full of risky hazards of caffeine, this is what you call coffee. This taste sounds like it is brewing up for trouble. This won’t be necessary.

Prepare a cup of hot tea with biscuits, they say. The tea does put one’s self in a good mood early in the morning but its thin texture of lightness combined with a bland flavor of hot water makes its taste less interesting than the good ‘ol hot chocolate that keeps me up and up everyday.

A cup of hot chocolate I prepare everyday are nothing but a mere representation of goodness that I indulge in for every sip I take. Its three representations are leveled accordingly, from the shallowest toward the deepest.

1. Representation of Good Flavor and Healthy Lifestyle. The sweet aroma that brews in every early morning while preparing a cup of hot choco is the fragrant scent never to be forgotten, for it possesses the good smell of a good taste. It is our teeny-tiny nose which sends signals to the brain that the hot beverage one is about partake in is fresh, delectable and of the finest of its taste. Prepare to tickle your taste buds as it also comes in a full package, for it also brings one to a healthier lifestyle. It contains a good amount of antioxidants which lessens one’s risk of heart diseases.

2. Representation of Motivation. Getting up in bed is one of the most difficult things to do early in the morning, especially if one still has to go to school or work. It is the job of the cup of hot chocolate to bring forth the best in you in your work, to give you full-energy and boost your motivation in whatever you must do. It is the icing to the cake, the sprinkles to the ice cream, to which will motivate you to work even harder and to perfect your craft.

3. Representation of Balance. Just like the Chinese’s Feng Shui of Yin and Yang, the black and the white, the hot chocolate inside the cup is like a hot stew inside a witch’s cauldron which neutralizes the cold in our body with the heat it carries, to which warmth we ever so desired. This constant temperature balance in one’s body every early morning keeps us up, our moods light, and our souls at inner peace. Similar to the first representation of the goodness of the hot chocolate leading to a healthy lifestyle, it also leads to a point of threat: the risk. The “cup of goodness”, as we call it, contains sugar, whether in small or great amounts, leads to diabetes or other forms of diseases similar to that sort. The so-called “goodness” as we know it is neutralized by the perils it could bring. There are pros and cons to every decision we take. I quote my Theology professor, “Risk, commit, move on forward.”

With the cup of hot choco as a representation to lifestyle, motivation and balance, this hot chocolate can be likened to life. The formula of life can be a mixture of various things, like peace, love, harmony, and justice. These ingredients could be obtained from a vast, infinite inventory of abstract objects. If we are to pick out lifestyle, motivation and balance from this storage and stir them all up in a hot pot, we get life, not the concrete ‘life’, but the abstract one. Similarly to the cup of hot chocolate, we get the ingredients water, cocoa, and sugar and mix them up to get our desired result. It is true enough that we see goodness in lifestyle + motivation + balance = life and water + cocoa + sugar = hot choco and that is why life is a good metaphor for the so-called “motivation-booster”.

With that being said, tell me what else in your mind you see goodness in?


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Entering a World of New Beginnings

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This is my very first post, yay! So, this is it! First semester just ended, somewhat a month ago, and here I am, starting a new chapter in my life, as if my whole life was a book. Although I still continue to write on this book, it is still unknown how many pages this book contains for me to write, because for each day that pass by – 1 is added to the number of pages this book has. This book is so mysterious, magical, strange!

I really learned a lot when I was in first sem. Things I learned included:

1. Expanding my social life

I’m a really shy and bashful person (redundancy intended). Ever since I was a child, I only had a few friends, and very few close friends. It was during high school that I have earned my circle of friends. It was because we all had something in common. We easily agree on things. Although we had petty fights, we continued to be close because there really built up on our close friendship. Some of them went to DLSU, UST, and Beda and it was only me who’s here in Ateneo. In other words, they were all still living in the south… meanwhile, I’m here in Q.C. It was always hard to schedule our reunions because we would always want that all of us can come… Our last reunion was still last May 2013, and we’re all hoping that we could have another reunion by December.

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So much for that… Now that I’m the only one in Ateneo without my HS friends, I had no choice but to make friends of my own here… And that is when I first met my blockmates and coursemates :)) I can remember that someone added me in our Ateneo de Manila 2017/2018 group in Facebook. So then, I got the idea of making a group for my course – BS/MS CS and posted the link in the ADMU group. Soon enough, people joined this BS/MS CS group. And I was thrilled to have met them! Then we had a plan the day before the day of the enrollment – that we would meet up in school so as to get to know each other even before the day of OrSem. So to aid us with this plan, we exchanged celphone numbers for easy communication. One of my coursemates texted me that our group was sitting together by the doghouse and that they would wave their hands so that I can see them. After receiving the text message, I saw a group waving their hands, haha! They look so foolish! But yeah, it was our only way to get to know each other :)) As I approach them, this girl from the group ran to me and asked, “Are you Gian Alix?” I gladly said, “Yes” and asked who she was. She then told me her name (name will be filtered here) and she also introduced me to the block/coursemates. I tried so hard memorizing their names, haha! There was also a guy there who’s not a freshman but a supersenior! He was also a  CS major like us. He was also kind enough to give us an initial tour of the Ateneo. It was fun! This was the BEGINNING of my social life here in Ateneo. It was pure awesome!

School days pass by and by and I met more friends from orgs, different subjects, and even in other courses, usually in mutual friends! And now, as I enter 2nd sem, I still have high hopes of meeting new friends despite the fact na masyado pa rin akong mahiyain at times. 😀

2. How to become responsible

I’m so irresponsible back in High School, swear! Now that I’m in college, everything has changed! Now that I live in a dorm, I need to fix myself. I need to be more organized. Change is what I desire for in college. And now, as 2nd sem has begun, I have to be more responsible as ever. Second sem is different, my schedule has changed, I have a new set of classmates, more requirements! Many things have changed! I really feel different! A changed person!

3. Time Managment

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Time management became important to me. I must always learn to manage time. And to do this, I always set my priorities. If it’s time to study, I study. If it’s time to sleep, I sleep. If it’s time to eat, I eat. If it’s time to play, I play. There’s always a time for everything. And to think that I would always have tutorial sessions in the afternoon after class, I always go home at 7. But that’s alright, there’s some sense of fulfillment there. I stay in school for 12 hours, my last class ends at 1:30 and my tutorial begins at 5:30, that’s four hours vacant! I don’t go home anymore after class, it’s too hassle! So, I would stay at the library, and I study there, not to waste time. I think it’s better this way, so I have less to study when I’m at home.

4. “Paano masaktan” (How to get hurt)

(This has got to be too long already, I’ll get back to this soon!)

So, those were the most important things I have learned back in first semester. So what? Isn’t the blog title very distant to the things I have just said? The thing is, I can always use these things, to apply these things in the next journey that I will take. I am just entering a new world, new beginnings, a new start. I still don’t have an idea of what lies ahead, but one thing is for sure: I will try my best to carry what I have learned in the past towards the present and the future, for these things are sure to help me in the path that I will take.


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