Dystopian Love (Part 1)

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(1) “You’re here in my office again, Ms. Rivero?”

(2) “But sir, I can explain.”

(3) “There is no need for further explanation, Ms. Rivero. I have all the necessary information.”

(4) It was a bright hot day on the 6th of October and Sheena was sent to the Office of Student Discipline once again. This was her third time in Mr. Dela Cruz’s office.

(5) “I have had it with all the troubles you have caused, Ms. Rivero,” Mr. Dela Cruz exclaims firmly, still quite pissed about the situation.

(6) “But sir, I have been trying to explain that…” Sheena still tries to explain her side but Mr. Dela Cruz, without hesitation, restrained her from uttering another word.

(7) “Shhh! Stop. I already have made up my mind,” Mr. Dela Cruz tried to be more calm with the girl. “I have decided to give you one, and one more chance. Then that will be it,” he firmly said.

(8) “Well, what do you want me to do? Another 100 hours of community service? Picking up the litters? Clearing the pathways from leaves? Stapling more papers?” Sheena cried.

(9) “No, this is not what I had in mind… I plan to teach you a lesson once and for all,” Mr. Dela Cruz hesitated because he was still into a deep thought. “Wait for me. I’ll be back in a sec!” he rushes out of his office and makes an important phone call with the secretary.

(10) He steps out of the Discipline Office to breathe in some fresh air.

(11) In ten minutes, a student walks in the office and meets up with the secretary.

(12) “So why am I being called for?” the student queries the secretary.

(13) “Mr. Tellos? Please wait for Mr. Dela Cruz in the conference room beside his office. He would like to ¬†discuss an important matter with you,” the secretary abruptly informs the student as he immediately saw him while fixing some important documents.

(14) “What am I being called for? I didn’t do anything!!!” the student cries as if he was in an intense paranoia.

(15) “You are to wait for the boss and that’s it,” the secretary quite pestered of the student’s queries.

(16) The student had no other choice. He walks in towards the conference room. It was just a small room, quite dimly lit with a small lampshade on the desk. There was a chair in front of the table and another one behind it. It seemed like a place good enough for a student-professor one-on-one Individual Consultations. Just then, Mr. Dela Cruz enters the room.

(17) “Silpher, hello!” Mr. Dela Cruz greets him enthusiastically as he closes the door.

(18) “Hello, sir. So why am I being called for? Did I do something wrong?”

(19) Mr. Dela Cruz giggled as he sat down. “You’re still that student I know way before in Philosophy class! Relax! No pressure ok?” His hesitance caused some silence. “And stop being so paranoid all the time!”

(20) There was complete silence. It was as if Mr. Tellos was quite stunned about the words uttered by his former professor.

(21) “Ok, take a seat and let me explain,” Mr. Dela Cruz stares at him, and looks him in the eye, with Silpher still quite stunned of what was happening, as if he was not able to move on from the latter thing the professor told him.

(22) “Yes, take a seat,” SIlpher continued to stare at him while taking his seat.

(23) “As you have known, I recently became the head for the Student Discipline Office. And one of my duties as head is to handle cases regarding student discipline,” Mr. Dela Cruz explains as Silpher seems to distance out. Mr. Dela Cruz glances at the study lamp, “And as my first year in the office, I have been handling many cases already, both minor cases, and major cases.” Silpher looks at him still quite puzzled about what he was trying to say. “I have a problem…”

(24) “Huh, sir what?!” Silpher inquires as if he wasn’t listening, but he actually was.

(25) “Well, I have this one serious case I’m handling…”

(26) “How serious is it?”

(27) “I need you to help me with this one.”

(28) “How can a student like me help?” Silpher ponders. “But you know I’m always willing to help my professors out!”

(29) “You are still that beadle I know. You still have it in you after all!” Mr. Dela Cruz quite happy about it.

(30) “How can I help?”

(31) “There’s this girl who has been causing a lot of trouble. Trouble, you might ask? Attitude problem!”

(32) “So how can I help this girl?” Silpher stops him there.

(33) “With this,” Mr. Dela Cruz says as he opens a secret safe behind the desk. He unlocked the safe with a special code and takes out that one item inside the small safe, handcuffs.

(34) “What is this for?”

(35) “I know this will be hard, but it’s for her own good. It might be a difficult task and that’s why I need someone like you to help me do this. You’re perfect for the job!” Mr. Dela Cruz hands him the handcuffs he was holding.

(36) Silpher takes it from his hand, still puzzled what he was supposed to do with it.

(37) “I will put your left hand on one of these cuffs and the girl’s right hand on the other cuffs. You will be chained together for a very short time, in hopes that the girl’s attitude might improve.”

(38) “What?! But how does this help her? And why choose me for this job??”

(39) “This will be for her own good as well. She must learn to adapt with different kinds of people. I’ll test it out on you first. If she doesn’t improve, I’ll find a replacement.”

(40) “Wouldn’t it be unfair that…” Silpher tries to explain.

(41) “I’m sure you’ll do well. Just give me your report on her, alright? I promise, I’ll pay you!”

(42) “How long will be chained together?”

(43) “One day perhaps. Your duty starts tom.”

(44) “But I still need to do my research paper…”

(45) “Then do it with her.”

(46) “But what if she will also do her other assignments?”

(47) “Then that’s both up to you two on how things will work out?”

(48) “But…”

(49) “Shhh. No further questions alright? I assure you, as your Philo prof, you won’t regret it.”

(50) “Then you shall meet her then? Alright, follow me in my office,” he says as he leads him to his office.

(51) Sheena was still there in his office sitting as if she was reflecting on the things she has done.

(52) “Ms. Rivero, this is Mr. Tellos,” as Mr. Dela Cruz introduces her to the guy.

(53) “Hello,” she says in a faint voice.

(54) “Mr. Tellos, this is Ms. Rivero,” Mr. Dela Cruz introduces him to the girl, with Silpher quite attracted to the beauty and charm of the girl.

(55) He was speechless. He wasn’t even able to say a ‘hi’ or a ‘hello’.

(56) “Alright, then it has been settled. Ms. Rivero, you are to be handcuffed with this guy for one whole day.”

(57) “What?! No way!!” Sheena stands from her seat quite astonished of what she has heard.

(58) “I see what you mean, sir,” Silpher whispers.

(59) “I heard that!” Sheena points to Silpher as if she was full of rage.

(60) “Now, now. It’ll only be for a day and this is also for your own good, Ms. Rivero,” Mr. Dela Cruz calms her down.

(61) “I’d rather do Community Service then!”

(62) “Nope. We stick with this.”

(63) “Ugggghhhh….” Sheena stomps her feet quite disgusted.

(64) “This will only be for a while…” Mr. Dela Cruz says as he handcuffs Mr. Tellos’ left hand with Ms. Rivero’s right hand.

(65) “It will only be for a while…”

(To be continued…)


Date of Post: 03.19.14


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