Dystopian Love (Part 2)

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Summary of Dystopian Love (Part 1): The story reveals a setting inside a campus where Mr. Dela Cruz, the newly-appointed head for Student Discipline, is handling one of his serious cases yet – the trouble-mannered girl named Sheena. We soon meet a boy named Silpher, who decides help him in handling the situation. Mr. Dela Cruz gives the girl a punishment far greater than community service – that she was to be chained unseparably with the boy for one whole day, in hopes of improving her bad attitude. Let us see what happens next in the second part of the story, “Dystopian Love”.

(66) It was another bright and hot day, on the 7th of October for Silpher. He walks to school from a nearby dormitory, still feeling anxious of what lies ahead for that day, knowing that he has to help Mr. Dela Cruz, and a girl he just met yesterday, named Sheena. He walks inside Mr. Dela Cruz’s office, still shaky.

(67) “Relax, my boy. It’s only for one day,” Mr. Dela Cruz tells him quite calmly.

(68) Silpher remained silent and surrendered his hands to the office head, as if ready to be put to prison.

(69) Mr. Dela Cruz cuffs his left hand tightly and calls upon his troubled student, “Ms. Rivero, please come.”

(70) Sheena from behind approaches him shyly.

(71) “Please give me your right hand,” Mr. Dela Cruz quite stiff about his words, as Sheena surrenders her right hand.

(72) The girl gives a sigh and glances to the side. She tries to roll her eyes without the two seeing it. The office head also cuffs her right hand and chains it with the boy.

(73) “There. You two have fun!” he waves them while the two tries to work it out on how to get out of the office, on who opens the door, and who is supposed to go out first.

(74) “Ugggh!!! This is such a cruel punishment!” Sheena screams so loud that her voice can be heard by the person one mile from where she stands.

(75) Silpher remained silent.

(76) “Well, aren’t you gonna speak? Aren’t you gonna say something?” she pushes the boy and because they are chained, the girl fell on the boy’s arms.

(77) “Ewwww… Gross!” she cries quite disgusted about falling on him.

(78) Silpher bites his lips and says nothing. He stares at her beautiful eyes.

(79) “What the heck are you looking at?” she pushes him again and she falls again on him. He caught her again by the arms.

(80) “I feel so humiliated…” she cries as she tries to recover from her fall.

(81) Silpher gives a sigh and continued to be silent, quite mesmerized by her beauty.

(82) “Ewww… Please don’t stare at me. It’s quite annoying…” she pleads him as she puts her palm on her face.

(83) “Yes, ma’am,” the boy says in a calm manner and hesitates for a while. “Could we go to the library? I need to finish my research paper.”

(84) “We? Oh no no no.You see, I also have a paper to do but…”

(85) “Then let’s do it together!”

(86) “I don’t work with geeks, puh-lease!”she says obnoxiously. “And I wish to eat first…. You know, you could do your research paper in the cafeteria.”

(87) “But all my sources are in the library!”

(88) “The level of how I care approaches the number infinity when 1 is divided by it.”

(89) Silpher remaind silent trying to reflect on what she was trying to say.

(90) “K, that’s zero… You come with me or you come with me?”

(91) “Yes ma’am,” Silpher obeys humbly.

(92) “It’s better this way, right? You follow me so that all is well.”

(93) “I don’t know…”

(94) “Yes you do! If you and Mr. Dela Cruz will be working together to improve my behavior, you give what I want and I’ll abide for improvement.”

(95) “But I’m the only one doing all the work and Mr. Dela Cruz is not doing anything.”

(96) “Exactly!”

(97) “I mean yes, he did something. He thought of a punishment for you but still it is still me who will be doing all the work.”

(98) “And don’t you think I don’t know that he will pay you after getting the job done? Puh-lease!”

(99) Silpher hesitated in uttering another word.

(100) “I’ll buy you a drink. What do you want?”

(101) Silpher wasn’t able to say another word.

(102) “Then soda it is,” she insists.

(103) She dragged him to the cafeteria where she bought her snack and his drink. They sat down in this fancy-looking table. They sat beside-each other because they were chained together unseperably, like they were twins.

(104) “Can you move to your right?” she asks him.

(105) “There’s no more space and we’re too unseparable. If I move, you move. If you move, I move.”

(106) She looks at him expectantly, “So you suggest to build a relationship?”

(107) “No! That’s not what I meant!”

(108) “Oh, please. The only reason you accepted this job was because of the money and the cute pretty girl?! Why are all guys like these?!”

(109) “No ma’am, you are mistaken.”

(110) “Mistaken? So you are suggesting I’m wrong?!”

(111) “No…”

(112) “I gave you a treat and this is the thanks I get?!”

(113) Silpher did not utter another word to avoid getting bigger arguments.

(114) “You are such a pain in the neck!”

(115) The boy remained silent.

(116) Sheena gives a sigh and hesitates to say another word.

(117) “Alright, let’s go to the library now and finish our papers.”

(118) He smiled but he was trying to hide it from her. He is obviously attracted to her and blushes. He was all red.

(119) “Was there something I said that made you all red?” she giggles.

(120) “Umm… no,” he panics.

(121) “Get your things and we’ll go to the library now,” she commands him.

(122) He quickly stood up and drags her out of the cafeteria.

(123) “Aw… wait, hold on. Watch it!” she pleads.

(To be continued…)


Date of Post: 03.19.14


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