Dystopian Love (Part 3)

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Summary of Dystopian Love (Part 2): Part 2 of the short story reveals of the initial attitudes and behaviors our characters, Silpher and Sheena, are showing while they are handcuffed to each other. Furthermore, Silpher has a research paper to write, so is our female main character, although she preferred to eat first in the cafeteria before doing her assigned task. Silpher is patient with her and tolerates her misbehavior. At the table, Sheena gives him a chance and asks him if they could work together to finish their papers. Quickly, Silpher got up and runs towards the library dragging her along. With them continued to be chained to each other, what do you think will happen to the third part of the short story, “Dystopian Love”?

(124) “I said hold on!” Sheena squeals feeling the pain of strangled wrists.

(125) Silpher stops moving. He feels that she is in pain, in deep pain. “Are you alright?” he asks her calmly.

(126) “Me? Alright? Do you think I’m alright?” she complaints. “The cuffs are being too tight and my feet is so tired from all these walking! Do you even know where the library is? We’re going around the campus in circles!”

(127) “Yes, I know where it is! I just want to spend a little more time with you before going there!” he raised his voice.

(128) “What did you just say?” she asks with a very lowly tone.

(129) “No, what I mean was. I don’t know where the library is. Could you show me the way?” Silpher lowered his voice, quite embarrassed of what he said and of his tone.

(130) “You said something else! You wished to spend more time with me!” she teases him and sticks her tongue out.

(131) “Wait, I didn’t really mean it!” Silpher cries.

(132) “I know I’m just too beautiful that’s why other guys out there like you come to like me!” she says arrogantly. “But one thing is for sure, I’m just too good for you and that you are no match for me.”

(133) “Whatever you say, Ma’am!” he shows a convincing tone although he feels quite sad deep inside.

(134) “Well then if we’re going to do our papers together, we better get moving!” she demands while trying move forward although Silpher didn’t move a muscle after she uttered those words. Because they are chained to each other, she falls on him again while trying to move without him walking.

(135) He catches her in his arms again and asks in a down-to-earth tone, “Are you alright?”

(136) She wasn’t able to speak another word and catches him staring at her in the eyes. “What is wrong with you?!” she angrily asks him while trying to recover from her fall.

(137) “Well, Ma’am, you fell again and I just wanted to make sure you’re alright even though I still caught you,” he answers with his down-to-earth tone.

(138) She closed her eyes and soon faints. She falls on the ground.

(139) Moments later, she awakens inside the school infirmary on a queen-sized bed. She opens her eyes only to see Silpher lying down beside her.

(140) “Ewww…. why are you here?” she screams as she got up.

(141) “I’m here to make sure you are safe, my dear,” Silpher answers in a humble voice.

(142) “How did I get here in the first place? We were supposed to go to the library right?”

(143) “Well, you fainted and fell on the ground,” he explains.

(144) “How is that possible?”

(145) “I don’t know. What’s more important is that you’re safe and that you’re getting some medical attention.”

(146) Sheena hesitated to utter another word.

(147) “You know, I felt worried a minute there.”

(148) A nurse enters the room and asks the two, “Are you two alright? I heard a loud scream.”

(149) “Oh nothing, she just got surprised how we got here,” Silpher explains as he points his thumb to her.

(150) The nurse explains, “Well, according to your boyfriend…”

(151) “What?!” Sheena cried.

(152) “Oh it’s alright now. I explained it to her already what happened,” Silpher expounds.

(153) “Ok, first of all, he is not my boyfriend,” Sheena explains her side.

(154) “Woah! You don’t need to explain to me your boyfriend!” the nurse giggles as she exits the room.

(155) “Uggh!!! What is wrong with her?!” she rants.

(156) “You know, you’re not yet feeling 100% fine. You should take it easy now and rest some more.”

(157) “But what about your research paper?”

(158) “It can wait. What’s more important is for you to get better.”

(159) She breathes a sigh and goes back to sleep. Silpher lied down beside her. He faces her to see if she will be alright.

(160) In a few hours, she awakens and finds out that Silpher was gone beside him. Her right wrist were still on cuffs but Silpher’s left wrist was nowhere there because he’s gone.

(161) “Free! At last! I feel free!” she screams while she ran out of her room in the infirmary.

(162) In the infirmary’s reception, she sees no one there. There were no patients, no nurses, no doctors, no no one! Even Silpher wasn’t there! She’s afraid of what could have happened to them. She had this feeling that she was worried for Silpher as well although there’s also her feeling that she should not worry him.

(163) She ran outside the infirmary door  with her handcuffs still dangling from her wrist. She saw the whole school and she felt like it was staring at her. There were no one there as well. No people! Not even the animals like birds that usually chirp beautifully were there. It was just too quiet. It felt mysterious for her.

(164) “I’m not used to this environment! Please, please, please, could everything turn back the way it was! I want the normal to return!” she knelt down and pleaded.

(165) It was too quiet that it could have been the quietest place ever known. She could even hear her blood flowing through her. The quiet atmosphere was just too stressful, too annoying, for her.

(166) “Please make it stop!” she complaints.

(167) But the environment kept becoming more and more quiet. She could not take that anymore. She needed to hear some noise!

(168) “I beg the heavens and the earth to make everything stop!” she pleads. “I couldn’t take this anymore!”

(169) But the more she screamed, the more quiet the place became.

(170) “I pledge to be a better person. Please make this stop, now!”

(171) She closed her eyes and it seemed everything went back to normal. But when she opened her eyes, she saw Silpher in front of him, so close to her face, as if they were about to kiss!

(172) “Aaaaahhhh!!!” she felt surprised and backed off.

(173) She fell on the ground and because of her full-force, Silpher also fell on her because she saw that they were chained again to each other. He fell on her face and his lips touched her lips.

(174) “Hey, babe. Your lips tasted so sweet!” he winked.

(175) “Wait, what?!” she was surprised. “What are you talking about?”

(176) She blinked and at that moment she opened her eyes, she was back again in Mr. Dela Cruz’s office, with the head for Student Discipline being there.

(177) “So, how did you enjoy your day, Ms. Rivero?” he humbly asks her.

(178) “It was terrible! I was handcuffed with this weird, nerd-looking geek, I ended up in the infirmary, the atmosphere became too quiet, and what’s worse is that a stranger guy had kissed me! It was disgusting!” she complaints.

(179) “Well, it sounded like an adventure!” Mr. Dela Cruz shows his enthusiasm.

(180) “What?! That was terrible! And if you don’t know the meaning of terrible, it’s like I was eaten by a monster from under the bed although I was eaten alive!”

(181) “That doesn’t sound  terrible.”

(182) “Well, it doesn’t but… Uggh! You just don’t understand…”

(183) “I understand perfectly…” he hesitates. “Close your eyes, I’d like to surprise you with something. I’m sure you’ll like what I’ll give you!”

(184) She closes her eyes and opens them once again. She is surprised of what she saw.

(To be continued…)


Date of Post: 03.20.14



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