Dystopian Love (Part 4)

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Summary of Dystopian Love (Part 3): In the third part of the short story, we have witnessed how Sheena further behaves while being chained to a stranger,  Silpher. On their way to the library, she faints in front of him. She is immediately brought to the infirmary to get some medical attention. She awakens to find out that she is all alone now, there was no one there, even Silpher wasn’t there. She is now free, although the handcuffs were dangling from her wrists. Sheena exits the infirmary to find out of the weird and irritating environment. She closes her eyes, opens them, and saw something that surprised her.

(185)  “It’s all just a dream, my dear. I’m glad you’re now awake!” Silpher whispers to her.

(186) “Wait what?! What happened?” she inquires.

(187) “It’s going to be alright. You just had a nightmare!” he tries to comfort her.

(188) “You have no idea what was in that dream!” she cries. “Oh, and is this reality now? It’s good if you’re safe. I was worried there, for a minute.”

(189) “Don’t worry, I’ll just be here,” he whispers. “I was even worried more than you!”

(190) She sighed and everything was silent. They were still in the infirmary, cuffed to each other, and Sheena was sitting by the side of the bed.

(191) “Don’t worry now. I’m here and I’ve got you,” Silpher comforts her.

(192) “What time is it?” she asks him.

(193) “It’s already 4 in the afternoon… Now get up, we still have a lot of work to do,” he says.

(194) “Where are we going? It’s getting late you know!” she complaints.

(195) “Well, late or not. We’ll go to the library and finish our papers!”

(196) The nurse comes in and gives her a pill.

(197) “Here, take this. It’ll make you feel better,” the nurse tells her while she puts a brown-colored pill on her hand.

(198) “Thank you,” she says and takes the pill.

(199) “Well, we have to get going now,” he grabs the girl’s wrists and ran out the door, dragging the girl.

(200) “Thank you again!” she screams while being dragged out of the infirmary.

(201) “Hurry up, you slowpoke!” Silpher commands as if he was the boss.

(202) “Can you wait up a sec?” she cries as she stopped on her feet. Silpher haulted as well and fell on the ground.

(203) “Why didn’t you catch me?” he cries.

(204) “Why the heck am I going to catch you?” she asks firmly. “You are still just a stranger!”

(205) “Remember that time when we kissed?”

(206) “Kissed? What kissed?!”

(207) “Oh I’m sorry. You forgot. Hehehehe,” he laughs hard.

(208) “What the heck are you talking about?!” she asks while she grabbed his collar of the shirt.

(209) “Uhhh…. nevermind!” he giggles.

(210) “You better tell the truth!” she rants.

(211) “Well, while you were sleeping, I find you cute and pretty and kissed you on the lips. You didn’t feel it, no?”

(212) “YOU, WHAT?!”

(213) “No, just kidding. Hehehe, I was dreaming, eh!”

(214) She put him down and glanced by the side.

(215) “Well?”

(216) “It’d better be the truth, you know? Or I’ll call the navy!” she cries.

(217) “Well, then let’s go!” he pushes her.

(218) “Wait, what?!”

(219) “Yeah, go!”

(220) “Where do you think we’re going?”

(221) “To the library, duh?!”

(222) “Oh fine, alright!”

(223) He grabs her wrist and drags her to the library. At the library, they approached this computer that was used for searching books online in the library. They call it the Online Catalog.

(224) “What’s your topic, dear?” he inquires the girl. “It’s the one which we will type in the box.”

(225) “Ok, let’s put some rules around here…” she looks at him in the eye. “First, I am not a dear. My name is Sheena and nice to meet you, thank you,” she shakes his hand.

(226) “Uhhhh… Ok, nice to meet you!” he says in a sarcastic tone, still quite eager and enthusiastic.

(227) “Secondly, I do have my own research paper. So, I’ll work with mine, including my research of topics,” she continues to look at his eyes and as a response, he nods. “And third of all, mind your own business because I know how things work around here. You have your own business. Okie dokie?”

(228) “Great, I’ll follow those rules Ma’am. Let us just see how we find the books in the library if you need to go to the left and I need to go to the right.”

(229) She hesitates. “Ok, to make things fair, I’ll do my paper today. Do yours tom. Deal?” she gives him her hand in expect to shake.

(230) Behind his mind he finds these things unfair, but his unconditional love and attraction for her allows him to be selfless in his own little ways. He let the girl win again.

(231) “Alright,” he shakes her hand and hugs her.

(232) She pushes him off, “Another rule. Don’t hug me.”

(234) “Alright,” he shrugs it off.

(235) He went with her to search for the books she needed and sat down on one of the couches.

(236) She starts to read some of the books. “I couldn’t even get what these books are saying!” she cries.

(237) “There, there. Don’t worry. You’ll get it,” he comforts and pats her back.

(238) In a little while, he saw her fell asleep while reading. She fell in his arms.

(239) “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you,” he says while he pets her like his favorite puppy at home.

(240) It was already 6 in his watch but Silpher didn’t mind that. He just wished that she would be alright.

(241) “She looks so cute when she’s asleep. She looks like an angel!” he shows his attraction for her once again. “Too bad, you’re last rule was not to hug you… Then I’ll just kiss you once again, hehehehe…”

(242) He approached his lips further as close as possible to her soft cheeks and…

(To be continued…)


Date of Post: 03.23.14


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