Dystopian Love (Part 5, the Finale)

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Summary of Dystopian Love (Part 4): Previously in the “Dystopian Love”, we have witnessed that the freaky and creepy atmosphere Sheena had experience was all just but a dream. She awakens fine with Silpher still beside him in the infirmary. The nurse gives her a pill and off the two went to the library in hopes to finish their paper. In the library, Sheena sets her “rules” for him, but he obeys like a small puppy. It was around 6 in the evening when he found her asleep on his arms on one of the library couches. He moves closer to her with his lips approaching very close to hers. What will happen next?

(243) It was around six already in the evening in the library. There were still a few people left in the room because of the many requirements and papers students had to finish but the number of people in the library dropped one by one as time passes by.

(244) Sheena while reading one of the books fell asleep in Silpher’s arms in one of the library couches. He approaches her closer and closer until there was no more space for his lips to come closer but his lips didn’t touch her cheeks.

(245) He hesitated his motion, “Sweet dreams, my little angel…”

(246) She opens her eyes slowly and saw him staring at her with those round eyes.

(247) “You!” she whispers but still surprised.

(248) He just stared at her with no motion. He was silent.

(249) She immediately got up, “Wait! I can explain!”

(250) “There is no need to explain, my dear!” he explains with a lovely smile.

(251) “How about your research paper?

(252) “I can worry about it tomorrow… But for now you need to finish yours…”

(253) She hesitated. She was silent.

(254) “Yeah, you don’t need to worry about me! If you need to finish yours, do your paper now.”

(255) She was still silent.

(256) “Yeah, but if you need to rest for a moment, why don’t you close your eyes for a while and rest up!”

(257) “Rest where?”

(258) “You can rest up in my arms.”

(259) “Ewwww!!!”

(260) He smiles eagerly. It was a big smile.

(261) “What is it that you want???”

(262) “You!”

(263) “What?!”

(264) “Oh you know what I mean!” he winks at her.

(265) “A kiss?”

(266) “If that’s what you wish!”

(267) “No way!”

(268) “But you just said…”

(269) “No! Nevermind what I said…”

(270) He looks at her expectantly.

(271) “Ok, how about a hug?”

(272) “Whatever makes you happy, my dear.”

(273) It was already 8 in the evening. There was no one else in the library except for the librarians and the lovebirds.

(274) “Ok, I’ll give you what you want and just stop bugging me now. Ok?” she asks him.

(275) “Make out?”

(276) “Heck, no!”

(277) “A kiss then?”

(278) “Oral sex? What the fuck?”

(279) “Stop swearing, dear.”

(280) “Ok, then hug it is!” she hugs him tightly. “I don’t want to lose you! Always stay by my side, ok?”

(281) He hugs her back, “I will always be here for you no matter what. We’re chained to each other right?”

(282) “Hihihi, well…”

(283) “I love you so much!”

(284) “Yes, we’re chained to each other and that I don’t want this chain to go lose anymore. I so love you too!!!” she squeals.

(285) He smiled, still hugging her tightly.

(286) She lets him lose and looks at him, “… as a friend.”

(287) He looked at her expectantly and lost his smile.

(288) “What?!”

(289) “What do you mean what?”

(290) “What did you just say?”

(291) “I love you as a friend! That’s what I said. Is there a problem?”

(292) He hesitated to utter another word.

(293) “Well, I should love you as a friend because you helped me to change my own ways, to improve my attitude. This is how a girlfriend must act, must behave, towards a guy, towards my boyfriend.”

(294) “What?”

(295) “I know I have to change my own ways. Thanks for showing me the right path!” she looks at him with a smile. “And we just met! Don’t expect for me to have feelings for you already, we just met yesterday,” she giggles.

(296) He looks by her side. He was not anymore listening to her. He was all silent.

(297) “Well, it looks like I have to go now.”

(298) “Wait, what? We’re still chained to each other! You can’t go anywhere without me!”

(299) “Oh yes, I can!” she says as she bites off the chain between them.

(300) He was free. She was free. She went off the library leaving him behind. Then the lights in the library went off.


(Analysis of the short story/play will be posted soon!)


Date of Post: 03.25.14


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