Month: October 2014

Maple Leaving

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I’m on my flight to Canada in less than two weeks… how fast time flies! I’m really confused as to how I am supposed to react. It was as if a feeling of excitement, anxiety, loneliness, anger, happiness and <insert some other probable emotion here> were¬†all mixed in a boiling pot stew with a label “Mixed Emotions”, ready to be served in hot dishes.

To what I’m expecting is… ? Actually, I have no idea either… Well, except for the maple leaves, maple syrup, cold atmosphere, the snow, thick sweaters, the Niagara Falls… Nope, not too much idea.

But I’d leave a lot of people close to me behind… Family, relatives, friends, HER, friends. [Nah, I got over HER.] Include enemies and haters as well. I don’t care. They don’t care. Nobody cares.

I do hope I get that Joint Degree there. Plus I do hope to get to take that minor in Philosophy. I’ll do my best. ‘Till my next blog entry.

– Royalle

Date of Post: 10.30.14