L.T.N.P. Update #n

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L.T.N.P. stands for “Long Time No Post” and every time I would have a gap of about time t = n (could be days, weeks, months or years), I’ll put up an update like this before beginning my regular daily blog. It’s #n because I’m not sure how many times I have already made these “gaps”. So just bare with me and I’ll call it “#n”. The next time this happens again, it shall be known to be “#n+1”.

Updates so far? I’m now studying in a university, York. My last blog post was last August, and since then I was so busy doing school stuff, and now finally got my winter break (oh yeah, Merry Christmas everybody!), I can finally relax. There’s so much still to write and update about but just hang on there, hopefully I can get through.

Before the end of the break, I’ll write up a blog of all the stuff I’ve did so far over the break. Again, happy holidays to all!

– Royalle

Date of Post: 12.26.16


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