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The Secret of Success: Developing Communications in the Multi-Lingual World

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We live in a diverse world. It has been designed that the Earth we live in is a multi-cultural place. And with that in mind, it is necessary to realize the importance that a lot of languages have risen from the different parts of the world, some of which include English, French, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Tagalog. We must also take note that a lot of these have evolved to new, modern languages. For instance, English has evolved into the modern English we knew today from the Old English language we used to know; it has been through a lot in its history – from Barbaric English to Medieval to Shakespearean to Victorian to Pre-modern to Modern. And English today is still accepting new words (such as clickbait, filmer and selfie) and even borrowing foreign words from another languages (such as boondocks, carpe diem, and per se).

Given the number of various languages out there, we must keep in mind of the variety of people there are out there. And yes, I am talking about races and cultures, not in a racist sense, however. And each of these people in their races have actually become businessmen and businesswomen who actually decided to start up a small company and from there worked all the way up to the most successful multi-national corporations (MNCs). Some examples of these world-wide famous MNCs include McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Fedex, Google, and Microsoft.

Being in a multi-national company involves a lot of great things that needs to be fixed, such as administrative decisions, risk-management planning, and organizational development. However, even if all of these administrative plans in an MNC are all fully-working well, this does not mean that the company is a 100% successful. There are still several steps that a CEO could take in order for the company to be a complete success. Maintenance, which may be one of the toughest jobs to handle, is just an example of that, but there’s more to that. I’m talking about taking a step further – being able to converse in more than one language; being fluent with a variety of languages. Knowing and being able to speak in one language is good, but not good enough. Bilingual, trilingual, perhaps? However, being multi-lingual is such a great asset in the company and should be recognized of the utmost importance in any company, may it be a small starting-up one or one such big one such as a multi-national corporation.

At this day and age, global modernization, at its core, is of its peak; and believe it or not, it continues to grow day by day. And with global modernization in mind, also keep in mind that the human race is also evolving as well. Each day, man is becoming more and more advanced – stirring away from the obsolete, going over towards the more high-technological sense of life. And with these things in mind, we must take note that the ability to speak multi-lingually is an asset, for better communication with others, for forming more connections with other people and for developing deeper bonds with others.

In this time, due to the uniqueness of each one, we are able to hold talents and skills that make and shape us. And being able to speak in different tongues is a part of this and can be taken advantage of. People who migrate and born in a new country may adapt and learn to speak new languages. The more languages you know, the better you can communicate, because there are more people you can communicate with and not just the people of your own race or culture or people who know your own language or dialect. In the context of the business world, let us take this in as an example. Say there are three businessmen, A, B, and C, who are about to meet up separately so that they could start a project collaboration. Meeting up separately meant that Businessman A meets up with Businessman B in private, Businessman B meets up with Businessman C in private, and Businessman A meets up with Businessman C in private. For instance, Businessman A is only able to speak in Mandarin, Businessman B is able to converse in three languages: English, Mandarin and British, while Businessman C can communicate in English and British only. Among them, Businessman B is said to be the most successful since the first two meetups from above (A and B, B and C) would turn out to be successful in language sense. Businessman A and B can speak in Mandarin in their meeting and Businessman B and C can speak in either English or British in their meeting. It may not be a guaranteed success in the end, but at least the fact that they are able to start conversing in a language both know is a good stepping stone. Businessman A and C, however, would have a difficulty in starting up a conversation in their meeting since each does not know a common language between them. Since they are stuck, it is highly probable that they are unsuccessful. Interpreters and translators may be good for both of them but the mere fact that one is able to understand the other is much better especially when making quick business decisions (and there could be a probability that interpreters or translators might give out the wrong translation as well, which may result into the failure of the project collaboration between the businessmen.)

In connection with the previous point, the ability to know more languages is also an asset in a sense that one is able to gain more connections; and more connections meant more trades, partnerships and collaborations. Some of these MNC partnerships and collaborations in the real world include that of Microsoft and Dropbox Inc., as well as of Apple and Beats Electronics LLC. And as a result, the greater, better, deeper connections you have with different, various companies, the more money and fundings your company will have. Hence, this will result into a better, much more successful company you will have.

As an analogy, picture how interpreters and translators these days are making a great amount of money. It is a high-paying job, which is a great in-demand in the job market. This is because they are able to speak in a variety of multiple languages. They help form a link, a connection, between two people that are not able to understand each other because of a language barrier. So imagine if a company is able to do what interpreters and translators do (not in the sense of the exact things they do, but the ability to speak in multiple languages). They are able to not only make those quick business decisions and easy conversations and meetings, but also the fact that they no longer need an interpreter or a translator to be present during their meetups. It saves them the money to pay for an expensive service of an interpreter or a translator. And you might think that a web app may help in translation of languages (such as Google Translate), but not every word, phrase or sentence can easily be translated (even to a universal language such as English). And sometimes as well, the translated version by these translator apps may not be as good and may sometimes lead into a confusion and can lead to the unsuccessful communication between businessmen, for example.

Being able to converse in a variety of different tongues also meant that one is able to employ more people (not just from a single race or culture or people of the same language). With that said, the employer is able to employ people of other race or culture or people of different language – meaning they are able to employ more people. This helps reduce unemployment and helps stabilize the nation for a better economy.

And in terms of businesses that make the effort to localise their website content, they would gain a lot of benefits for that one. This is because a lot of companies from different parts of the world might gain attraction from seeing something that they are easily able to understand. As a result, more partnerships and collaborations can be built, which would simply just lead to the points I have raised from above.

As a concluding point, the ability to speak in a variety of different, multiple languages is an asset for developing a successful company, may it be a small company or a huge multi-national corporation. It is also necessary to recognize that it is of great importance that there are a lot of benefits of being able to communicate in several languages and being able to localise website content for others to see online so that they could gain an attraction of what they have seen is crucial in order to form easier, more partnerships and collaborations.

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– Royalle

Date of Post: 12.26.16


L.T.N.P. Update #n

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L.T.N.P. stands for “Long Time No Post” and every time I would have a gap of about time t = n (could be days, weeks, months or years), I’ll put up an update like this before beginning my regular daily blog. It’s #n because I’m not sure how many times I have already made these “gaps”. So just bare with me and I’ll call it “#n”. The next time this happens again, it shall be known to be “#n+1”.

Updates so far? I’m now studying in a university, York. My last blog post was last August, and since then I was so busy doing school stuff, and now finally got my winter break (oh yeah, Merry Christmas everybody!), I can finally relax. There’s so much still to write and update about but just hang on there, hopefully I can get through.

Before the end of the break, I’ll write up a blog of all the stuff I’ve did so far over the break. Again, happy holidays to all!

– Royalle

Date of Post: 12.26.16

Operation: RE-LIVE

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There’s just been a lot of things that had happened here while I was away (check my blog below entitled “So, What happened?” for the full story of what had happened to my WordPress account). Many changes in the interfaces, how the profiles were set up, as well as the daily and weekly challenges (which I have decided to begin participating).

Apart from that, most probably I would be posting stuff daily (more than usual), just to catch up for the time that I have “lost” all throughout those years without my WordPress account. Like I said from my previous post, whenever I feel like writing, I have Microsoft Word with me when I was writing (if you came to ask why I didn’t just make a new WordPress account, then the answer is that this account is way too precious to be replaced; she’s irreplaceable).

So I would continue to publish blog posts (or anything extraordinary that have happened to me or anything along those lines, like a public diary per se) and any creative pieces (such as poems, fiction stories, novel excerpts, photographs, artworks, etc.)

My goal is for this WordPress account to re-live and not die out of oblivion. Again, for all the followers I have and the likes, comments thank you so much. You are all awesome!!!

– Royalle

Date of Post: 08.18.16

Maple Leaving

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I’m on my flight to Canada in less than two weeks… how fast time flies! I’m really confused as to how I am supposed to react. It was as if a feeling of excitement, anxiety, loneliness, anger, happiness and <insert some other probable emotion here> were all mixed in a boiling pot stew with a label “Mixed Emotions”, ready to be served in hot dishes.

To what I’m expecting is… ? Actually, I have no idea either… Well, except for the maple leaves, maple syrup, cold atmosphere, the snow, thick sweaters, the Niagara Falls… Nope, not too much idea.

But I’d leave a lot of people close to me behind… Family, relatives, friends, HER, friends. [Nah, I got over HER.] Include enemies and haters as well. I don’t care. They don’t care. Nobody cares.

I do hope I get that Joint Degree there. Plus I do hope to get to take that minor in Philosophy. I’ll do my best. ‘Till my next blog entry.

– Royalle

Date of Post: 10.30.14

The Bright Side, The Brighter Side

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It has already been a week since the semester just ended. I have been waiting the whole week for the release of my final grades. I was feeling a little excited, and anxious at the same time, hoping to get the grades I expected, which I knew I deserve.

For the past two days, our school’s online site have been dropping hints about our professors encoding our final grades already. However, we still couldn’t see them until this Saturday. For the subjects you are/will be taking, it has three basic statuses: ‘N’ (Not Yet Taken), ‘C’ (Currently Taking), and ‘P’ (Passed). For the current semester, all subjects are under the status ‘C’ throughout the sem. But for the past two days, the statuses of some subjects are changing from ‘C’ to ‘P’, which gives students the idea that their professors have already uploaded their grades and have passed the subject. Still, we couldn’t see our grades.

Once all the ‘C’s of the subjects changed to ‘P’s, the semestral average would appear. The lowest possible grade would be 0.00 while the highest would be 4.00. If your semestral average reaches 3.35, you become an honor student. I still remember how grade conscious I was back in high school, even until now. For the past semester, I didn’t reach this 3.35 mark. And when I saw my average this sem, I felt disappointed to see that I was 0.1 mark short in reaching this 3.35. Once again, I feel devastated about this. It made me sad deep inside, but I didn’t show it to anyone. I keep showing my ‘always happy face’.

I meditated for a while, thinking what were the wrong things I have done for the semester. Throughout this mediation, I first thought that it was my subjects and professors that was the problem. These were some of the petty things I would rant about. But I thought deeper. I went back to the start of the semester. I remembered that I was always feeling motivated to reach the 3.00 mark (my average last semester was less than 3.00). I never had this goal of being an honor student back in the previous sem, same goes for the start of this sem, that is until it all changed one day. I’m a CS Major but then I got the feel of Math, and that is why I wanted to double major in it (not shift, I loved CS). That’s when it hit me, to double major. I talked to the department chairs and said that if I wanted to double major, I need to take extra Math subjects for the next two semesters. I’m already full load by the next semesters and I still need to add additional subjects, so I had to overload them. But before I could overload, I needed to be an honor student. That’s when I decided I need to become an honor student for this semester so that I could easily overload subjects. The semester was rigorous, hard. But when I saw my average, I felt disappointed that I’m not an honor student this semester. But does this change the fact that I’ll pursue a double major? Well, NO!

I’ll continue my fight to be able to pursue this degree. I know I can do this. Good thing there will be load revision forms I could use to overload my subjects. But the fact I still wasn’t an honor student, crushed me. However, I still won’t give up on this degree.

Looking at the bright side, I think that my prayers were still answered. Before the sem started, I wished for an average of at least 3.00. And I got my wish, 3.25 ain’t bad. It’s even greater than 3.00! I’m happy for my accomplishment. I even felt more motivated to strive harder the next semester. This is I guess what is more important than being an honor student. I know I will still get my chance. I just have to work harder. I don’t have the right to rant as of the moment. I have to be grateful. God is good.


Date of Post: 03.28.14

Hot Chocolate Goodness

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The so-called “energy-booster” that will get you up in the morning, a concoction full of risky hazards of caffeine, this is what you call coffee. This taste sounds like it is brewing up for trouble. This won’t be necessary.

Prepare a cup of hot tea with biscuits, they say. The tea does put one’s self in a good mood early in the morning but its thin texture of lightness combined with a bland flavor of hot water makes its taste less interesting than the good ‘ol hot chocolate that keeps me up and up everyday.

A cup of hot chocolate I prepare everyday are nothing but a mere representation of goodness that I indulge in for every sip I take. Its three representations are leveled accordingly, from the shallowest toward the deepest.

1. Representation of Good Flavor and Healthy Lifestyle. The sweet aroma that brews in every early morning while preparing a cup of hot choco is the fragrant scent never to be forgotten, for it possesses the good smell of a good taste. It is our teeny-tiny nose which sends signals to the brain that the hot beverage one is about partake in is fresh, delectable and of the finest of its taste. Prepare to tickle your taste buds as it also comes in a full package, for it also brings one to a healthier lifestyle. It contains a good amount of antioxidants which lessens one’s risk of heart diseases.

2. Representation of Motivation. Getting up in bed is one of the most difficult things to do early in the morning, especially if one still has to go to school or work. It is the job of the cup of hot chocolate to bring forth the best in you in your work, to give you full-energy and boost your motivation in whatever you must do. It is the icing to the cake, the sprinkles to the ice cream, to which will motivate you to work even harder and to perfect your craft.

3. Representation of Balance. Just like the Chinese’s Feng Shui of Yin and Yang, the black and the white, the hot chocolate inside the cup is like a hot stew inside a witch’s cauldron which neutralizes the cold in our body with the heat it carries, to which warmth we ever so desired. This constant temperature balance in one’s body every early morning keeps us up, our moods light, and our souls at inner peace. Similar to the first representation of the goodness of the hot chocolate leading to a healthy lifestyle, it also leads to a point of threat: the risk. The “cup of goodness”, as we call it, contains sugar, whether in small or great amounts, leads to diabetes or other forms of diseases similar to that sort. The so-called “goodness” as we know it is neutralized by the perils it could bring. There are pros and cons to every decision we take. I quote my Theology professor, “Risk, commit, move on forward.”

With the cup of hot choco as a representation to lifestyle, motivation and balance, this hot chocolate can be likened to life. The formula of life can be a mixture of various things, like peace, love, harmony, and justice. These ingredients could be obtained from a vast, infinite inventory of abstract objects. If we are to pick out lifestyle, motivation and balance from this storage and stir them all up in a hot pot, we get life, not the concrete ‘life’, but the abstract one. Similarly to the cup of hot chocolate, we get the ingredients water, cocoa, and sugar and mix them up to get our desired result. It is true enough that we see goodness in lifestyle + motivation + balance = life and water + cocoa + sugar = hot choco and that is why life is a good metaphor for the so-called “motivation-booster”.

With that being said, tell me what else in your mind you see goodness in?


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