A Dream Map

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One of the things that got me fascinated about here in Toronto are bus and subway map routes. It’s never a surprise that I could navigate my way from one spot to the next by just riding and hopping through buses and trains. That’s why my friends here always count on me to be the “navigator” whenever we go on our “little adventures”.

As I was saying, my fascination for these things has led me to come to get to know the bus routes and subway station names much easier especially when I am in a foreign place. For instance, last summer my family and I went for a little vacation to New York and one knows how complex subway lines are there upon first glance. But trust me, once you get to know it, you can easily navigate where you are and where you are headed to, not to mention which subway lines to ride and what not.

Just recently last week, I finished building up my own subway dream map for Toronto. I included in the map the current existing one, while extending some subway lines and adding some new ones, with their corresponding subway stations. I would think that it would be great if Toronto would get rid of all its buses and focus on building more subways instead.

Environment-friendly? Well, not necessarily. The construction of a subway station and trains can sometimes be considered factors for the destruction of our environment, and can be very costly too when it comes to expenses. But hey, these are just some of my opinions. Tell me what you think about it, as well as the subway dream map I have made. Note that the subway map below is only fictional and that not everything below is real; some subway lines and stations do exist, some are planned, however most are just entirely made up!


View the map up close by selecting one of the shared files below:



– Royalle

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Operation: RE-LIVE

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There’s just been a lot of things that had happened here while I was away (check my blog below entitled “So, What happened?” for the full story of what had happened to my WordPress account). Many changes in the interfaces, how the profiles were set up, as well as the daily and weekly challenges (which I have decided to begin participating).

Apart from that, most probably I would be posting stuff daily (more than usual), just to catch up for the time that I have “lost” all throughout those years without my WordPress account. Like I said from my previous post, whenever I feel like writing, I have Microsoft Word with me when I was writing (if you came to ask why I didn’t just make a new WordPress account, then the answer is that this account is way too precious to be replaced; she’s irreplaceable).

So I would continue to publish blog posts (or anything extraordinary that have happened to me or anything along those lines, like a public diary per se) and any creative pieces (such as poems, fiction stories, novel excerpts, photographs, artworks, etc.)

My goal is for this WordPress account to re-live and not die out of oblivion. Again, for all the followers I have and the likes, comments thank you so much. You are all awesome!!!

– Royalle

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Red, Red Moon

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“Come, look!” she cried as she came rushing through me that night while I was reviewing my notes. I didn’t even know what the hell was going on, but to my expense, alright.

She was actually referring to the beautiful sight outside the window view.

“It’s just a moon, my dear. What’s all the excitement about?” I told her as I felt the loss of excitement once I came near the window pane.

Little did she know that I felt more excited than ever, more excited than her, for seeing such a marvelous sight. That round thing in the night sky. It was a full moon. And it had the most unusual color, a color that I have never seen. Red.

But that feeling of excitement lasted only for a couple of seconds. I cherished every moment of it. It was the only thing I had that time… until I came to a full realization, that the “she” that had dragged me all the way to the window never even came to exist in the first place. It was as if she turned into air and dust upon seeing the marvelous moon. She was nothing more but a figment of my imagination.

Upon realization, tears began rolling down my face. That was one cruel night…


– Royalle

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What Lies Behind

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(1) T’was the first year of the 22nd century that the Earth’s population has become dreadful. The population has boomed to a very huge number that it almost approached infinity. Scientists have calculated a formula that will compute for the number of babies born per minute. They modeled a function that predicted the population count of Earth by the end of the century. It was f(x) = e^231, such a great number, even a standard scientific calculator couldn’t display.

(2) It was found out that there had been an unknown reason for the high birth rate of the Earth’s population. Even the greatest computers and machines couldn’t decipher this reason. All it can do is to compute for the birth rate, the death rate, the population of Earth by the end of the century. The death rate in percentage was found out to be a number that almost approached zero, such a small number. The scientists couldn’t figure out what to do, whether to configure their machineries to the extent that it could figure out the reason to the population’s big boom, whether to devise plans to minimize the Earth population, or simply to abandon the study. They were getting more and more confused by the minute. It became harder and harder for them to concentrate.

(3) Brought about by this quick escalation of population, the Earth has become a huge mess. There was chaos everywhere! Wars, terrorism, landslides, deforestation, pollution! The Earth was no longer a habitable place to live in. The huge population also caused the amount of Oxygen to drop steadily. In effect, more and more Carbon Dioxide are produced.

(4) Two years after, the death rate has also risen. Scientists could no longer find ways to improve a better Earth and thus, more and more people, especially young children, are dying.

(5) But a group of five secret scientists who were childhood friends got together in a secret lab. They had a meeting on the crisis Earth is facing.

(6) “This is the worst I have always imagined,” Luke exclaimed.

(7) “Well, this is probably the worst!” Evan complained.

(8) “What do you propose we should do?” Iris asked the group.

(9) “Well, we are scientists! And we should invent something!” Eric encouraged them.

(10) “This is not going so well, dear. I don’t think it’s the best plan,” Iris opposed.

(11) “I agree. It’s not so brainy to come up with another invention on such an experimental stage,”  Rica agrees.

(12) “I think it is much better to get out of this crazy joint… Get out, I mean get out of Earth!” Evar proposes.

(13) “Ok, so the five of us can find a way to get out of Earth. But haven’t you thought about the other people?” Luke questions his proposition.

(14) “It’s either we get out of this planet or everybody dies and humanity ceases to exist,” Evar responds.

(15) “There is no more hope for the people. I really think it’s better for us to get out of here. Well, at least we can save humanity by looking for a place where man can live,” Rica proposes.

(16) All five looked at each other and within the next 48 hours, they made a rocketship that will help them escape Earth and find another planet to live in.

(17) “Food and Water Supplies?”

(18) “Check.”

(19) “Fuel?”

(20) “Check.”

(21) “Us?

(22) “Check!”

(23) The rocketship blasts at full power and in no time at all, they were already at space. They encircled the different galaxies: Milky Way, Andromeda, Pinwheel, and other galaxies they have discovered.

(24) They have been in space for almost 13 Earth years and still have not found a planet where humans could live. They orbited the Earth once more to check how things are.

(25) “According to my radar, there is no one here anymore,” Luke says with a frowning face.

(26) “Looks like all have died,” Rica laments.

(27) “Then it’s up to us to save humanity!” Evar pushes.

(28) But the engine’s fuel is steadily dropping. Their food and water supply levels have almost approached zero. The amount of oxygen in the ship was also down to zero. No one could breathe anymore. They have suffocated, hungered, thirst, died.

(29) No one was running the ship anymore causing it to crash in a nearby planet called X-37. The rocketship crashed into tiny pieces when it had fallen.

(30) In X-37, it was all quiet. There was no one there. But something was actually growing behind two purple rocks. It was a plant-like organism. It was color green.


Analysis of “What Lies Behind”

“What Lies Behind” is a science fiction story about the most probable things that could happen to our planet in the future. (1) The population of the Earth has escalated with a big boom. (2) The death rate was set to a minimal. (3) A group of five decides to leave Earth in search of a better place where man can live.

Basing it with the current population of 7-8 billion, I can foresee that the Earth population will increase to a greater amount! I have a standard scientific calculator that computes e^230 = 7.72 x 10^99. My calculator could no longer compute for e^231, which is farther a greater number. I have also described this number that will approach infinity, such a huge number.

And to emphasize this huge population, I intended for a small death rate percentage, something that will approach zero, 0.02% for instance. It’s a very very small number which will intensify the population to the highest number possible.

This great number of Earth population will hopefully lead to the devastation of the Earth, which will result to an utter chaos! Because of this, five scientists have decided to group themselves and figure out a solution to the problem.

There were no longer other ways to restore the Earth they had once known so they decided to build a rocket which they would eventually use to get out of the planet and find a new place to stay.

There were five: Iris, Eric, Rica, Evar, and Luke. All of them had four letters in their names. It may have to say something that they are the ‘chosen’ ones to find a better place, but they ended up in failure. I could use different names as well like Armand, Ronald, Solana, Calleb, and Tyrone. It doesn’t really matter how many letters they have in their name, as long as they have equal number of letters. But I intended to use those names because if you would notice, the last letters of their name are S, C, A, R, and E. It spells the word, ‘SCARE’. It is pretty much that a big scare is brought to Earth.

They have been in the rocket for 13 Earth years, such a long time. Their supplies (food, water, oxygen) have already dropped to zero that they have all died. It says something to us that there will always be a limit. There are limits to what we have. It is unlike the Earth’s booming population that it multiplied fast and that the numbers were at a geometric. Their supplies were approaching zero while the population was approaching to infinity. They are different! There will and always be a limit!

Because of the lack of food, water, and oxygen, they died in the rocket ship. It didn’t say anymore who died first. What matters is that everyone in the ship will eventually die. It says something of man’s human condition, that all of us will eventually die, no matter how young or old we are, no matter how prepared we are or not. We will all die eventually. No man is immortal, so everyone on Earth eventually died because it was no longer a habitable place to live in. It also pretty much tells us that no one can escape death. Even though the five managed to get out of the unhabitable Earth, they still died in the end, because that is man’s true human condition, something we can no longer change, even with the help of science!

In connection with science and limits, it also tells us that there is always a limit even to science. Science cannot do all things for man. It couldn’t decipher the reason for the Earth’s big population boom. It couldn’t suffice the supplies man has. It couldn’t even save man from death! There is always a limit to everything, even in science!

The last two paragraphs describe the planet that the ship has crashed into after the death of the five. It was X-37. And beyond two purple rocks was a plant-like organism and it was described as green. It just says that it was a plant-like organism and was color green, but it didn’t say it was a plant and that life could exist in this planet.

There are two perspectives. If you look at the optimistic side of it, you would see that this plant-like organism could be a plant and that life could exist in this planet, and so evolution would undergo once again until man could exist in the planet anymore. The pessimistic side of it would be that it just said a plant-like organism but it didn’t explicitly say it was a plant. There was no proof that life could have already existed in the planet. There was no proof it was a plant. It hadn’t been studied before.

But no matter how you look at this, it would just say that the future has many possibilities and that this is just one of them.

From the title, “What Lies Behind”, we may think of this as (1) What lies behind the purple rocks, (2) What lies behind the Earth after the death of the people, or even (3) What lies behind humanity after man had ceased to exist.

In ironic state, it could be something like “What Lies Ahead”: (1) What lies ahead of the future, (2) What lies ahead of the five who would eventually leave Earth to find a new place to live, or even (3) What lies ahead of the future of the people that they had left behind in Earth.

It is really up to you what you think lies behind or even ahead. There is just too many possibilities. If I could give this another title, it would be, “The Future of Possibilities”. Could you give me another title for this sci-fi story? Let me know. I’m eager to hear from you.


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Dystopian Love (Part 5, the Finale)

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Summary of Dystopian Love (Part 4): Previously in the “Dystopian Love”, we have witnessed that the freaky and creepy atmosphere Sheena had experience was all just but a dream. She awakens fine with Silpher still beside him in the infirmary. The nurse gives her a pill and off the two went to the library in hopes to finish their paper. In the library, Sheena sets her “rules” for him, but he obeys like a small puppy. It was around 6 in the evening when he found her asleep on his arms on one of the library couches. He moves closer to her with his lips approaching very close to hers. What will happen next?

(243) It was around six already in the evening in the library. There were still a few people left in the room because of the many requirements and papers students had to finish but the number of people in the library dropped one by one as time passes by.

(244) Sheena while reading one of the books fell asleep in Silpher’s arms in one of the library couches. He approaches her closer and closer until there was no more space for his lips to come closer but his lips didn’t touch her cheeks.

(245) He hesitated his motion, “Sweet dreams, my little angel…”

(246) She opens her eyes slowly and saw him staring at her with those round eyes.

(247) “You!” she whispers but still surprised.

(248) He just stared at her with no motion. He was silent.

(249) She immediately got up, “Wait! I can explain!”

(250) “There is no need to explain, my dear!” he explains with a lovely smile.

(251) “How about your research paper?

(252) “I can worry about it tomorrow… But for now you need to finish yours…”

(253) She hesitated. She was silent.

(254) “Yeah, you don’t need to worry about me! If you need to finish yours, do your paper now.”

(255) She was still silent.

(256) “Yeah, but if you need to rest for a moment, why don’t you close your eyes for a while and rest up!”

(257) “Rest where?”

(258) “You can rest up in my arms.”

(259) “Ewwww!!!”

(260) He smiles eagerly. It was a big smile.

(261) “What is it that you want???”

(262) “You!”

(263) “What?!”

(264) “Oh you know what I mean!” he winks at her.

(265) “A kiss?”

(266) “If that’s what you wish!”

(267) “No way!”

(268) “But you just said…”

(269) “No! Nevermind what I said…”

(270) He looks at her expectantly.

(271) “Ok, how about a hug?”

(272) “Whatever makes you happy, my dear.”

(273) It was already 8 in the evening. There was no one else in the library except for the librarians and the lovebirds.

(274) “Ok, I’ll give you what you want and just stop bugging me now. Ok?” she asks him.

(275) “Make out?”

(276) “Heck, no!”

(277) “A kiss then?”

(278) “Oral sex? What the fuck?”

(279) “Stop swearing, dear.”

(280) “Ok, then hug it is!” she hugs him tightly. “I don’t want to lose you! Always stay by my side, ok?”

(281) He hugs her back, “I will always be here for you no matter what. We’re chained to each other right?”

(282) “Hihihi, well…”

(283) “I love you so much!”

(284) “Yes, we’re chained to each other and that I don’t want this chain to go lose anymore. I so love you too!!!” she squeals.

(285) He smiled, still hugging her tightly.

(286) She lets him lose and looks at him, “… as a friend.”

(287) He looked at her expectantly and lost his smile.

(288) “What?!”

(289) “What do you mean what?”

(290) “What did you just say?”

(291) “I love you as a friend! That’s what I said. Is there a problem?”

(292) He hesitated to utter another word.

(293) “Well, I should love you as a friend because you helped me to change my own ways, to improve my attitude. This is how a girlfriend must act, must behave, towards a guy, towards my boyfriend.”

(294) “What?”

(295) “I know I have to change my own ways. Thanks for showing me the right path!” she looks at him with a smile. “And we just met! Don’t expect for me to have feelings for you already, we just met yesterday,” she giggles.

(296) He looks by her side. He was not anymore listening to her. He was all silent.

(297) “Well, it looks like I have to go now.”

(298) “Wait, what? We’re still chained to each other! You can’t go anywhere without me!”

(299) “Oh yes, I can!” she says as she bites off the chain between them.

(300) He was free. She was free. She went off the library leaving him behind. Then the lights in the library went off.


(Analysis of the short story/play will be posted soon!)


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Dystopian Love (Part 3)

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Summary of Dystopian Love (Part 2): Part 2 of the short story reveals of the initial attitudes and behaviors our characters, Silpher and Sheena, are showing while they are handcuffed to each other. Furthermore, Silpher has a research paper to write, so is our female main character, although she preferred to eat first in the cafeteria before doing her assigned task. Silpher is patient with her and tolerates her misbehavior. At the table, Sheena gives him a chance and asks him if they could work together to finish their papers. Quickly, Silpher got up and runs towards the library dragging her along. With them continued to be chained to each other, what do you think will happen to the third part of the short story, “Dystopian Love”?

(124) “I said hold on!” Sheena squeals feeling the pain of strangled wrists.

(125) Silpher stops moving. He feels that she is in pain, in deep pain. “Are you alright?” he asks her calmly.

(126) “Me? Alright? Do you think I’m alright?” she complaints. “The cuffs are being too tight and my feet is so tired from all these walking! Do you even know where the library is? We’re going around the campus in circles!”

(127) “Yes, I know where it is! I just want to spend a little more time with you before going there!” he raised his voice.

(128) “What did you just say?” she asks with a very lowly tone.

(129) “No, what I mean was. I don’t know where the library is. Could you show me the way?” Silpher lowered his voice, quite embarrassed of what he said and of his tone.

(130) “You said something else! You wished to spend more time with me!” she teases him and sticks her tongue out.

(131) “Wait, I didn’t really mean it!” Silpher cries.

(132) “I know I’m just too beautiful that’s why other guys out there like you come to like me!” she says arrogantly. “But one thing is for sure, I’m just too good for you and that you are no match for me.”

(133) “Whatever you say, Ma’am!” he shows a convincing tone although he feels quite sad deep inside.

(134) “Well then if we’re going to do our papers together, we better get moving!” she demands while trying move forward although Silpher didn’t move a muscle after she uttered those words. Because they are chained to each other, she falls on him again while trying to move without him walking.

(135) He catches her in his arms again and asks in a down-to-earth tone, “Are you alright?”

(136) She wasn’t able to speak another word and catches him staring at her in the eyes. “What is wrong with you?!” she angrily asks him while trying to recover from her fall.

(137) “Well, Ma’am, you fell again and I just wanted to make sure you’re alright even though I still caught you,” he answers with his down-to-earth tone.

(138) She closed her eyes and soon faints. She falls on the ground.

(139) Moments later, she awakens inside the school infirmary on a queen-sized bed. She opens her eyes only to see Silpher lying down beside her.

(140) “Ewww…. why are you here?” she screams as she got up.

(141) “I’m here to make sure you are safe, my dear,” Silpher answers in a humble voice.

(142) “How did I get here in the first place? We were supposed to go to the library right?”

(143) “Well, you fainted and fell on the ground,” he explains.

(144) “How is that possible?”

(145) “I don’t know. What’s more important is that you’re safe and that you’re getting some medical attention.”

(146) Sheena hesitated to utter another word.

(147) “You know, I felt worried a minute there.”

(148) A nurse enters the room and asks the two, “Are you two alright? I heard a loud scream.”

(149) “Oh nothing, she just got surprised how we got here,” Silpher explains as he points his thumb to her.

(150) The nurse explains, “Well, according to your boyfriend…”

(151) “What?!” Sheena cried.

(152) “Oh it’s alright now. I explained it to her already what happened,” Silpher expounds.

(153) “Ok, first of all, he is not my boyfriend,” Sheena explains her side.

(154) “Woah! You don’t need to explain to me your boyfriend!” the nurse giggles as she exits the room.

(155) “Uggh!!! What is wrong with her?!” she rants.

(156) “You know, you’re not yet feeling 100% fine. You should take it easy now and rest some more.”

(157) “But what about your research paper?”

(158) “It can wait. What’s more important is for you to get better.”

(159) She breathes a sigh and goes back to sleep. Silpher lied down beside her. He faces her to see if she will be alright.

(160) In a few hours, she awakens and finds out that Silpher was gone beside him. Her right wrist were still on cuffs but Silpher’s left wrist was nowhere there because he’s gone.

(161) “Free! At last! I feel free!” she screams while she ran out of her room in the infirmary.

(162) In the infirmary’s reception, she sees no one there. There were no patients, no nurses, no doctors, no no one! Even Silpher wasn’t there! She’s afraid of what could have happened to them. She had this feeling that she was worried for Silpher as well although there’s also her feeling that she should not worry him.

(163) She ran outside the infirmary door  with her handcuffs still dangling from her wrist. She saw the whole school and she felt like it was staring at her. There were no one there as well. No people! Not even the animals like birds that usually chirp beautifully were there. It was just too quiet. It felt mysterious for her.

(164) “I’m not used to this environment! Please, please, please, could everything turn back the way it was! I want the normal to return!” she knelt down and pleaded.

(165) It was too quiet that it could have been the quietest place ever known. She could even hear her blood flowing through her. The quiet atmosphere was just too stressful, too annoying, for her.

(166) “Please make it stop!” she complaints.

(167) But the environment kept becoming more and more quiet. She could not take that anymore. She needed to hear some noise!

(168) “I beg the heavens and the earth to make everything stop!” she pleads. “I couldn’t take this anymore!”

(169) But the more she screamed, the more quiet the place became.

(170) “I pledge to be a better person. Please make this stop, now!”

(171) She closed her eyes and it seemed everything went back to normal. But when she opened her eyes, she saw Silpher in front of him, so close to her face, as if they were about to kiss!

(172) “Aaaaahhhh!!!” she felt surprised and backed off.

(173) She fell on the ground and because of her full-force, Silpher also fell on her because she saw that they were chained again to each other. He fell on her face and his lips touched her lips.

(174) “Hey, babe. Your lips tasted so sweet!” he winked.

(175) “Wait, what?!” she was surprised. “What are you talking about?”

(176) She blinked and at that moment she opened her eyes, she was back again in Mr. Dela Cruz’s office, with the head for Student Discipline being there.

(177) “So, how did you enjoy your day, Ms. Rivero?” he humbly asks her.

(178) “It was terrible! I was handcuffed with this weird, nerd-looking geek, I ended up in the infirmary, the atmosphere became too quiet, and what’s worse is that a stranger guy had kissed me! It was disgusting!” she complaints.

(179) “Well, it sounded like an adventure!” Mr. Dela Cruz shows his enthusiasm.

(180) “What?! That was terrible! And if you don’t know the meaning of terrible, it’s like I was eaten by a monster from under the bed although I was eaten alive!”

(181) “That doesn’t sound  terrible.”

(182) “Well, it doesn’t but… Uggh! You just don’t understand…”

(183) “I understand perfectly…” he hesitates. “Close your eyes, I’d like to surprise you with something. I’m sure you’ll like what I’ll give you!”

(184) She closes her eyes and opens them once again. She is surprised of what she saw.

(To be continued…)


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Dystopian Love (Part 2)

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Summary of Dystopian Love (Part 1): The story reveals a setting inside a campus where Mr. Dela Cruz, the newly-appointed head for Student Discipline, is handling one of his serious cases yet – the trouble-mannered girl named Sheena. We soon meet a boy named Silpher, who decides help him in handling the situation. Mr. Dela Cruz gives the girl a punishment far greater than community service – that she was to be chained unseparably with the boy for one whole day, in hopes of improving her bad attitude. Let us see what happens next in the second part of the story, “Dystopian Love”.

(66) It was another bright and hot day, on the 7th of October for Silpher. He walks to school from a nearby dormitory, still feeling anxious of what lies ahead for that day, knowing that he has to help Mr. Dela Cruz, and a girl he just met yesterday, named Sheena. He walks inside Mr. Dela Cruz’s office, still shaky.

(67) “Relax, my boy. It’s only for one day,” Mr. Dela Cruz tells him quite calmly.

(68) Silpher remained silent and surrendered his hands to the office head, as if ready to be put to prison.

(69) Mr. Dela Cruz cuffs his left hand tightly and calls upon his troubled student, “Ms. Rivero, please come.”

(70) Sheena from behind approaches him shyly.

(71) “Please give me your right hand,” Mr. Dela Cruz quite stiff about his words, as Sheena surrenders her right hand.

(72) The girl gives a sigh and glances to the side. She tries to roll her eyes without the two seeing it. The office head also cuffs her right hand and chains it with the boy.

(73) “There. You two have fun!” he waves them while the two tries to work it out on how to get out of the office, on who opens the door, and who is supposed to go out first.

(74) “Ugggh!!! This is such a cruel punishment!” Sheena screams so loud that her voice can be heard by the person one mile from where she stands.

(75) Silpher remained silent.

(76) “Well, aren’t you gonna speak? Aren’t you gonna say something?” she pushes the boy and because they are chained, the girl fell on the boy’s arms.

(77) “Ewwww… Gross!” she cries quite disgusted about falling on him.

(78) Silpher bites his lips and says nothing. He stares at her beautiful eyes.

(79) “What the heck are you looking at?” she pushes him again and she falls again on him. He caught her again by the arms.

(80) “I feel so humiliated…” she cries as she tries to recover from her fall.

(81) Silpher gives a sigh and continued to be silent, quite mesmerized by her beauty.

(82) “Ewww… Please don’t stare at me. It’s quite annoying…” she pleads him as she puts her palm on her face.

(83) “Yes, ma’am,” the boy says in a calm manner and hesitates for a while. “Could we go to the library? I need to finish my research paper.”

(84) “We? Oh no no no.You see, I also have a paper to do but…”

(85) “Then let’s do it together!”

(86) “I don’t work with geeks, puh-lease!”she says obnoxiously. “And I wish to eat first…. You know, you could do your research paper in the cafeteria.”

(87) “But all my sources are in the library!”

(88) “The level of how I care approaches the number infinity when 1 is divided by it.”

(89) Silpher remaind silent trying to reflect on what she was trying to say.

(90) “K, that’s zero… You come with me or you come with me?”

(91) “Yes ma’am,” Silpher obeys humbly.

(92) “It’s better this way, right? You follow me so that all is well.”

(93) “I don’t know…”

(94) “Yes you do! If you and Mr. Dela Cruz will be working together to improve my behavior, you give what I want and I’ll abide for improvement.”

(95) “But I’m the only one doing all the work and Mr. Dela Cruz is not doing anything.”

(96) “Exactly!”

(97) “I mean yes, he did something. He thought of a punishment for you but still it is still me who will be doing all the work.”

(98) “And don’t you think I don’t know that he will pay you after getting the job done? Puh-lease!”

(99) Silpher hesitated in uttering another word.

(100) “I’ll buy you a drink. What do you want?”

(101) Silpher wasn’t able to say another word.

(102) “Then soda it is,” she insists.

(103) She dragged him to the cafeteria where she bought her snack and his drink. They sat down in this fancy-looking table. They sat beside-each other because they were chained together unseperably, like they were twins.

(104) “Can you move to your right?” she asks him.

(105) “There’s no more space and we’re too unseparable. If I move, you move. If you move, I move.”

(106) She looks at him expectantly, “So you suggest to build a relationship?”

(107) “No! That’s not what I meant!”

(108) “Oh, please. The only reason you accepted this job was because of the money and the cute pretty girl?! Why are all guys like these?!”

(109) “No ma’am, you are mistaken.”

(110) “Mistaken? So you are suggesting I’m wrong?!”

(111) “No…”

(112) “I gave you a treat and this is the thanks I get?!”

(113) Silpher did not utter another word to avoid getting bigger arguments.

(114) “You are such a pain in the neck!”

(115) The boy remained silent.

(116) Sheena gives a sigh and hesitates to say another word.

(117) “Alright, let’s go to the library now and finish our papers.”

(118) He smiled but he was trying to hide it from her. He is obviously attracted to her and blushes. He was all red.

(119) “Was there something I said that made you all red?” she giggles.

(120) “Umm… no,” he panics.

(121) “Get your things and we’ll go to the library now,” she commands him.

(122) He quickly stood up and drags her out of the cafeteria.

(123) “Aw… wait, hold on. Watch it!” she pleads.

(To be continued…)


Date of Post: 03.19.14