Operation: RE-LIVE

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There’s just been a lot of things that had happened here while I was away (check my blog below entitled “So, What happened?” for the full story of what had happened to my WordPress account). Many changes in the interfaces, how the profiles were set up, as well as the daily and weekly challenges (which I have decided to begin participating).

Apart from that, most probably I would be posting stuff daily (more than usual), just to catch up for the time that I have “lost” all throughout those years without my WordPress account. Like I said from my previous post, whenever I feel like writing, I have Microsoft Word with me when I was writing (if you came to ask why I didn’t just make a new WordPress account, then the answer is that this account is way too precious to be replaced; she’s irreplaceable).

So I would continue to publish blog posts (or anything extraordinary that have happened to me or anything along those lines, like a public diary per se) and any creative pieces (such as poems, fiction stories, novel excerpts, photographs, artworks, etc.)

My goal is for this WordPress account to re-live and not die out of oblivion. Again, for all the followers I have and the likes, comments thank you so much. You are all awesome!!!

– Royalle

Date of Post: 08.18.16


On Poem Analysis

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“On Poem Analysis”

by Zanyx Royalle

1. Such talent it is:

2. To analyze

3. Every poem given

4. For us to study,

5. For us to interpret!


6. Gives me much inspiration,

7. Outstanding!


Analysis of the Poem:

On a literal level, we see an image of the persona who admires someone who could actually read, analyze, and interpret poems properly (more probably they were classmates and the professor gives them poems) – something that the persona has a hard time doing, well perhaps because he was over-reading, which we may see from the persona’s tone. And yet, the persona may have a hard time having a close reading over the poems, but still he feels an inspiration (an inspiration for reading the lines of poems more closely, even writing perhaps!) through him/her because of how the way he/she admires someone else for having to have such a talent. In fact, the persona does call “reading and analyzing” poems a talent, well perhaps this someone he/she admires is not even into the course/study/field of poems and yet, was able to read and analyze poems. The persona feels so admired that he could no longer say another word but “outstanding”!

On a figurative level, we may see that these poems are actually challenges and obstacles in life – this is the way the persona sees poems because he/she feels that the poems really are hard to understand, very subtle and needs time to fully understand, analyze and appreciate. And to give it time to study and time to interpret was actually giving it time to plan on the course of action to take and what thing one should do in order to overcome this challenge in life. The persona admires him/her because of the way the challenge/plan was executed. And so, even if the persona has these challenges in life that he really has a hard time on, he/she struggles because of the inspiration he/she has. And not only the persona calls the person he/she admires to be outstanding, also himself/herself for he/she has gained confidence at some level to be able to overcome these challenges in life.

But thinking about the poem a little harder, there are still more to poems and challenges in life. So what do you think it was that was so subtle to even notice?

Date of Post: 05.01.14

Love, Really, There Is

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Love is an open door

It will never be that

One can find loneliness in love

I approve in the saying

Love brings so much happiness

It is so wrong to say

Love will always bring hatred

And I always think that

Love can make anyone smile

One can never say that

I don’t believe in love anymore

Because I always think that

Love can make anyone smile

One can never say that

I don’t believe in love anymore

Because I always think that

Love brings joy

I am always in contradictory with the idea that

Love does not exist.


(Now make sure to read the title from right-to-left, then the poem from bottom-to-top!)


Date of Post: 03.26.14

First Edit: 03.26.14